People Analytics Course | FAQ

What does hybrid modality mean?

It means that you can receive the course online or you can come to the UFM campus to join the presential class.


Do I have to pay for parking at the UFM Campus?

No, you don’t have to pay the parking when coming to the presential class at the UFM Campus.


What happens if I miss a class?
All classes will be recorded , so you can watch them on your own time if you miss them. However, the proof letter is only given to those who complete all the hours and present all the work material.


What is the proof letter?

The proof letter is a document that will support your participation in the 36 hours free Course of People Analytics. Is not a certification or a title.


What are the requirements to obtain the proof letter?
  • Attend all the classes in their entirety.
  • Keep the camera on at all times during virtual classes.


More questions? You can contact us at the email or calling +502 2338-7798.